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(Indigo) What are the supported operating systems / platforms for Indigo? 0 2,256  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) How do I send keystrokes directly to the connected session? 0 2,447  by ualmal1927
(Indigo) How do I enable VT100 emulation? 0 1,659  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) How to adjust the backscroll / backlog buffer size in terminal emulation window? 0 1,154  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Windows 8 Compatibility 0 2,257  by Konstantin972
How do I update my contact information or change my email address? 0 970  by shadeBlue
Resend my software licenses via email 0 1,296  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Can I upgrade from Indigo Version 2 to Indigo Version 3? 0 2,196  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Can I download a PDF / hard copy of the help file 0 1,313  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Can I upgrade from Indigo Standard Edition to the Professional Edition 0 1,691  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) What will happen to my sessions, data files and preferences when I uninstall or upgrade? 0 1,526  by shadeBlue
What forms of payment does shadeBlue accept? 0 1,701  by shadeBlue
I have lost my product license / authentication key. How can I register my product? 0 1,533  by shadeBlue
I have placed an order but have not received my software license. 0 1,332  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Does Indigo Terminal Emulator support SSH connections? 0 1,586  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Can I install Indigo Terminal Emulator on both my PC workstation and my laptop simultaneously? 0 1,690  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) How do I license Indigo? 0 1,695  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Does Indigo support USB serial port devices and Bluetooth serial port devices? 0 1,764  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) My serial port is not showing up in Indigo. Is there a way to access serial ports that are not automatically detected by Indigo? 0 1,909  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) I cannot connect to com ports higher than port 16, how can I get Indigo to work with com ports above port 16? 0 1,908  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) How do I obtain software updates for Indigo? 0 1,448  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Windows Vista Compatibility 0 1,332  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) How do I move Indigo Terminal Emulator to a different / new computer? 0 2,714  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Windows 7 Compatibility 0 1,414  by shadeBlue
(Indigo) Windows 2008 Server Compatibility 0 1,309  by shadeBlue