Indigo Terminal Emulator v3.0.161 Released!


Indigo Terminal Emulator v3.0.161 Released!

Version 3.0.161 is now released.  This is a maintenance release that primarily includes bug fixes.
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For more information on what's new in Version 3, please visit this page:
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Version 3.0.161 Released 2013-05-06


  • Fixed: Cursor blinking for ANSI graphics in terminal emulation.
  • Fixed: Telnet manual password was not working.
  • Fixed: Changed YMODEM-BATCH to YMODEM to avoid confusion. 
  • Fixed: Application crash on folder browse in receive file dialog.
  • Fixed: License registration error.
  • Fixed: Timestamp malformed on serial connections at high speed.
  • Fixed: RAW TCP/IP communication handling of 0xFF bytes.
  • Fixed: Advanced send commands including null bytes are not working in command libraries.
  • Fixed: Terminating command characters including null bytes are not transmitting as null bytes.
  • Fixed: Improved installation and registration of COM dependencies.
  • Fixed: Increased input buffer size for COM RX data.
  • Added: Clear data in window on reboot option.


NOTE:  If you have installed a BETA version, you must uninstall the BETA version and install this release version.

For more information and access to the software download link, please visit this page:


NOTE:  If you already have Version 3.0.150 or later installed, you can simply use the Web Update feature found in the Help menu.

For more information on using the web update feature, please visit this page:

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