(Indigo) How to create a multi-command macro.

In Indigo, you can create a single macro command string (or any other field that sends a command string) that contains multiple data commands to send to the connected session. 

Each individual command in the string must be separated by a pipe character "|".


  • 1|2
  • one|two|three|four|five

(To test your command, you can enter the entire command string on the command combo bar at the bottom of the terminal session.)

More information on multi-commands can be found in the following help topic:
>> Multi Command

If you need to create a time delay between each command, you can add the internal pause command in between each data command. 

The syntax for the internal pause command is:   " :p:0000 "  where the 0000 represents the number of milliseconds to delay.


  • one|:p:2000|two
  • one|:p:1000|two|:p:2000|three|:p:3000|four

More information on the supported internal command can be found in the following help topic:
>> Internal Commands 

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