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I would like to see a way to define one or more responses that would be sent to the session upon reciept of a a paticular byte or series of bytes from the external host.

   For example lets say i have a piece of hardware that i want to emulate. This hardware (for example) will echo back a version string in response to a version command. Another case is where a 'keep alive response" is echoed when a paticular byte or string is sent to the hardware. This hand shake could be emulated if Indago could be configured to respond with a string of one or more characters upon reciept of some byte or keyword phrase. I woud like to see an editor that would allow the definition of the Keyword phrase to respond to and also for the responses. This would be a hybrid of your command repeater and your macro function I would guess.

    Possibly I have not studied your tool well enough and you have this capability already. Is that so?

   Well I use your product every day and am a great fan. I have already prompted several of my associate developers to purchase and start using this tool.


   Louis Ashford

  Ashford Solutions LLC

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    shadeBlue Software

    Hi Louis,

    Your feature sounds like a great idea and something that would be useful for other users as well.  I will add this to the feature requests list so it can make it into a future build.  

    In the meantime, however, you can accomplish your goal using the "Post-Processing Scripting" feature of Indigo.  Here you can define a script file for your session and then in the script inspect the data received and if it contains one of your "triggers" you can return the appropriate response data back to your device.  

    Take a look at this help page to get started:

    Indigo installs a sample script file and a text document that lists the available scripting functions.  We can assist you in creating your script file via your customer support ticket.

    Thanks, David

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