(Indigo) How do I move Indigo Terminal Emulator to a different / new computer?

To move the Indigo software from one computer to another, there are two items that must be considered. 

  • Licensing
  • Program Configuration Files & Settings


1.) Licensing

To move the software license to the new computer, simply use the same license key to activate the new installation.  If you have any trouble activating the license, please contact shadeBlue support.


2.) Program Configuration & Settings


Indigo stores all of it configuration data to files located in the main program directory.  This makes if very simply to migrate the existing configuration from one computer to another.  

First, make sure that Indigo is closed and not running.  This ensures all settings and configuration files are saved with the latest updates.

Next, copy this file:

  • C:\Program Files\shadeBlue\Indigo\preferences.xml

And these directories:

  • C:\Program Files\shadeBlue\Indigo\CONFIG
  • C:\Program Files\shadeBlue\Indigo\LOG
  • C:\Program Files\shadeBlue\Indigo\SCRIPTS
  • C:\Program Files\shadeBlue\Indigo\SESSIONS

from the old computer to the new computer under the same installation path.

When you start Indigo on the new computer you should have all your existing settings and other library files.


Please Note:
Under Vista x64, Windows 7 x64, and Windows 2008 Server x64 operating systems, the "Program Files" path will be "Program Files (x86)"

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