(Indigo) Can I upgrade from Indigo Version 2 to Indigo Version 3?

Yes.  Existing customers who have purchased Indigo Version 2 can upgrade at no additional cost to Indigo Version 3 - Standard Edition.
Indigo Version 3 - Standard Edition includes all existing features and functionality offered in Version 2.

(A detailed feature comparison listing can be found here: Version & Edition Comparison)


Please use this form to request your new Indigo Version 3 - Standard Edition license(s).  
>> Request Version 2 to Version 3 Upgrade Licenses

After you receive you new upgrade license keys, please register the new license with the newly installed Indigo Version 3.  
The following help page shows the registration process step-by-step.
>> How to Register V3 License 



If you are interested in upgrading to the Professional Edition of Indigo Terminal Emulator Version 3, please first upgrade and obtain licenses for the Standard Edition and then purchase the Professional Edition upgrade.  More information on upgrading from the Standard Edition to the Professional Edition can be found in this topic:  
>> Upgrade to Indigo Professional Edition

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